Mizoine: How I create Java application. Step 2. Setup.

Development setup

  1. Create new empty project in Bitbucket repository. Name: mizoine
  2. Create new Jira story “Mizoine – Issue tracking”
  3. IDE: Eclipse Oxygen
    1. Mylyn: Select task – Jira “Mizoine – Issue tracking”
    2. Project: Maven based
    3. Create new Maven project. Name: mizoine. Package: com.gratchev. Version: 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT
    4. Check Maven generated all appropriate folders, etc.
    5. Bind project with git repository from Bitbucket

Tools used so far

  • Eclipse
  • Bitbucket
  • Jira

Ok. Start programming

To do: Build some short “Hello world” example, but using base framework for dependency injection.

Because: No IoC – no serious project!

Start with dependency injection right away.

Base framework: Spring

No need to explain why Spring™. If one says ‘Java dependency injection’ – one means Spring™.

Base framework update: Spring Boot

Wow, there is something called ‘Spring Boot’. Looks very promising.

  • Quick start sample looks even better than previous one: https://projects.spring.io/spring-boot/#quick-start
  • It seems like it already provides basic web functionality
  • Update pom.xml again: Sample needs not only dependencies, but parent project definition. New for me, but it works.

Commit first working program.