Deploy java application JAR to Raspberry Pi using Maven and Eclipse


Project (in Eclipse)

Create new Maven project or open a Java project and add Maven Nature to it.

When you add new dependencies to the project (in pom.xml), Eclipse automatically downloads all required libraries (in JAR files) into Maven repository and sets appropriate links to the files in the project build path.

Eclipse Maven dependenciesSo the application can be started directly from Eclipse in standard way: Use “Run as Java application” menu item for your main class.

We will not use “Export to runnable JAR file” function of the Eclipse to create a JAR for our application. We will create this file using Maven ‘install’ goal instead. Continue reading

Home scan station based on Raspberry Pi


Scan documents, photos and everything with one button press. Copy scanned images to common file server (network attached server, NAS).

  • Use simple USB scanner as network attached independent device.
  • No need to use PC for scan.
  • No need to install scanner drivers on all computers in home network.
  • Easy to use:
    • Turn on the system
    • Insert paper to scan
    • Press “Scan” button on scanner
    • Wait until scan is done
    • Find image file on file server later on


I have used following gadgets to create a scan station

  1. Home LAN: Router, swithches, LAN wires, etc.
  2. Raspberry Pi RBCA000 mainboard (ARM 1176JZF-S, 512MB RAM, HDMI, 2x USB 2.0, 3,5 Watt)

Raspberry Pi RBCA000 Mainboard wired

1.2 Connection cables: HDMI-DVI, USB (diverse, see below), LAN Continue reading

Choosing Java GUI for Raspberry Pi dashboard application

Complete list

SWT and QT are excluded from the review because they’re not pure Java and require special installation of native components/libraries.


JGoodies Smart Client Showcase States Continue reading